Legal Insider Bot Review

Legal Insider Bot is a new type of automated option trading that allows users to hand over control of trade selection to an external source, in this case Greg Marks and his team.

It works on the principle that Greg has much more trading experience than the average person, and he can use this expertise to trade profitably on behalf of many people instead of just a few high net wealth individuals. This is not as unselfish as it sounds, as the more funds that Greg controls, the more money he can make. He profits from a small commission on every trade that is made. It is also in Greg’s best interest that the trades are profitable, because if he starts to lose money, people withdraw their funds and he loses his source of income. Having been a highly successful hedge fund trader previously, it is very likely that Greg will be able to continue his profitable trading record. He has a secret method of being able to see what the orders are for the biggest players in the foreign exchange market ( the big international banks ) are. This gives him an uncanny ability to accurately predict the short term movements of the currency markets. With Binary option trading, you don’t need to know the longer term market movements, knowing what will happen, with a high degree of accuracy, in the next hour or so is all that is needed. Because binary options are a relatively new trading instrument, this kind of trading strategy has never really been implemented before. It literally has not been possible before.

Survey about essential digital marketing methods.

Gigaom media recently released a survey seeking the essential digital marketing methods that web marketing professional are currently using.

Check out the below link to view the results. They are a little surprising, especially the rank for SEO in the overall world of digital marketing.

There is also a lot of great other information in the survey

You can also view Michelle MacPhearson wrap up of the survey below.

It just goes to show when employing an SEO and online marketing expert such as Gold Coast SEO you really need to ensure that they have a whole encompassing marketing strategy that inludes online and offline marketing, social media marketing & perhaps even a Google Adwords campaign.

Hopefully you find this interesting